…this NIGHTMARE is based on REALITY.

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Trafalgar Law cosplay test.
I adore those tattoos.  :3

Trafalgar Law cosplay test.
I adore those tattoos.  :3


i know i’m late but this fandom needs more corazon yo


i know i’m late but this fandom needs more corazon yo


Birthday race
Original by なつ: [click]


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He's beauty
He's grace
He is..?


After many setbacks, including work, photoshop demons and terrible typography, it is done. I have discovered that it’s really hard to finish something when you only get to work on it 15 minutes at a time.

EDIT: Alright, screw it, I can’t figure out how to work this dashboard thing to fill the whole width, so I cut up the image into panels. Full image is here (apparently even the chunks are being resized. Oh tumblr, you so cray cray).

So I think the Protomen are pretty cool.

I’d like to do more of these at some point, because there’s just too many neat scenes like this. Well, in my head anyway, because it turns out there’s an actual description of how the scene goes and it is nothing like this. Bloops. Also I may have drawn the incorrect robot, but that’s okay, naked robots all look alike, right?

And yes, I firmly believe that the good doctor had spiky hair when he was young(er). It was his goth phase, which wasn’t that different from most people’s, except his also included building robotic super men. I’m willing to bet the robots also had spiky hair, and he only added the helmets later when he realized that metal spiky hair is a serious hazard for eyeballs everywhere.






By Kouta Hirano, creator of Hellsing

I am pleased as fuck


The best thing I have ever seen on this website, hands-down.

Oh man, these mermaid things I keep reblogging just keep getting cuter.

((EDIT: I noticed I have been getting a lot of followers since I originally reblogged this. I didn’t actually make this comic, guys. Maybe my use of the word ‘posting’ instead of ‘reblogging had something to do with that?
There’s an original source link up there!! Please follow the artist!!!
This isn’t my comic!!!))

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